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Sugaring Hair removal “Body Sugaring”, what is it & why try it?

Sugaring Wax Near Me
Sugaring Wax Near Me


What’s Sugaring anyway? Sugaring hair removal refers to an all-natural alternative to waxing for removing unwanted hair, head to toe! Not to be confused with sugar or salt scrubs or “sugar-wax”. The sugar used is a warm NOT hot, sticky paste composed of only sugar, water, and lemon. It is then applied to the skin with gloved hands and then quickly and gently flicked off, removing all unwanted hairs from the root with it! This ancient yet cutting-edge method of hair removal is making a comeback as a less abrasive, less painful, more effective, and more sanitary way of hair removal. Let’s talk about the benefits and I’ll explain why it’s time for you to try…


Sugaring Wax Recipe

Sugaring is less abrasive because it is one hundred percent all-natural. Composed of only sugar, water, and lemon, sugaring has no risk of pulling live skin, it never adheres to live skin cells leaving you read, stinging, and in severe cases with sores, scabs, discoloration of the skin, and scaring! Join the all-natural bandwagon, who wants to put chemicals on or in their bodies! NO hidden chemicals or harsh resins are found in this gentle paste. It is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and is ideal for sensitive skin and sensitive areas of the body such as the bikini and Brazilian!!

Sugaring is less painful because it never adheres to live skin cells Who wants those removed? Ouch! The gentle sugar paste only adheres to dead skin cells, giving you a gentle exfoliation leaving the skin soft, smooth, and exfoliated. It’s never hot, preventing the risk of burning a client’s skin, it’s heated to your body temperature.

Sugaring Hair removal
Sugaring Hair removal


Sugaring is more effective because it does not break hair off at the surface as can occur with waxing.  Sugaring hairs in the direction that they naturally grow can remove hairs as short as 1/8 long! The sugar molecules are smaller than wax allowing for deeper penetration into the follicle adhering to the root and removing hairs directly from their roots, leaving longer time between appointments & eventually leading to permanency!


Sugaring NYC

Sugaring is more sanitary because, a small amount of sugar is removed with gloved hands at the beginning of the service and is used for the duration of the service, no need for messy sticks or strips and there’s no chance for cross-contamination, or double-dipping! Not to mention bacteria don’t even have a chance to grow in the sugar since it is such a high concentration of sugar! The sugar paste is water-soluble making for an easy cleanup both in the treatment room and for the client. Who wants to stick to their favorite pair of jeans on the way out the door? Not me!!


Sugaring Wax Near Me in New York City

Sugaring NYC

1- Sugaring NYC – Midtown

  (83) Reviews · Waxing hair removal service
5 W 30th St · +1 917-409-3844

It opens at 9 AM Tue


2- Sugaring NYC – Downtown

  (60) Reviews · Hair removal service
75 Maiden Ln #508 · +1 888-647-8427
It opens at 9 AM Tue

3- Sugaring NYC – Union Square

  (55) · Waxing hair removal service
46 W 14th St · +1 646-490-7353
It Opens 9 AM Tue
“Sugaring NYC is the best Waxing salon in Manhattan.”

Brown Amber Spa

4-Brown Amber Spa Studio & Sugaring LLC

  (11) · Hair removal service
New York, NY, United States
It Opens 9 AM Thu · +1 646-972-1244


5-SUGARED + BRONZED (Union Square NYC)

  (491) · Hair removal service
New York, NY, United States
Open ⋅ Closes 11PM · +1 646-535-1915
“I love the sugaring Brazilian wax. Definitely going back!”

6- The Sugar Bar NYC

  (47) · $ · Spa
Queens, NY, United States
Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Tue · +1 516-668-6697
“I got waxed in three different areas and it did not take long at all.”

7- Hush Manhattan Spa for Men

Day spa in New York City, New York

Address324 W 47th St #1a, New York, NY 10036, United States


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