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Massage Guns Reviews

massage guns reviews
massage guns reviews


Massage guns are a relatively recent development in the field of muscle rehabilitation. Since their invention in 2008, they have become a favorite tool for many athletes worldwide looking to control their muscle therapy and recovery processes.

It is well-known that a massage gun produces the same results as a deep tissue massage. The advantage of this is that you can obtain all of the advantages within minutes, at your leisure and according to your timetable. It makes it easier for most people to maintain their well-being, regardless of whether they participate in sports or are just fitness enthusiasts.

These massage guns have been in high demand in recent years, which can only be attributed to the numerous benefits they provide, ranging from pain relief to improved blood circulation. Notable is the fact that it also assists in reducing recovery time when performing both of these functions.

Massage Guns provide percussive or vibration therapy. As the head oscillates back and forth, this form of massage delivers rapid bursts of pressure into the body’s muscle tissue (hence the rippling effect of massage guns). Masseurs and masseuses have historically used a series of light strikes from the hands or wrists to the targeted muscle group to achieve this effect.

On the other hand, massage guns allow athletes to reap the same benefits in the privacy of their own homes (and without needing to pay routinely for luxury spa services). Unlike other myofascial massage instruments, such as foam rollers, massage guns can be used to hyper-target a particular problem area.

For those who find foam rollers inconvenient or the operation too manual, massage weapons provide a more streamlined, automated solution.

Muscle soreness is not eliminated with percussive therapy. However, it does improve blood flow to a particular muscle region, which can help relieve inflammation and muscle pain and break up those pesky knots that tend to persist after a strenuous workout. Massage guns are often used before strenuous workouts to assist in warming up muscles.

Best affordable Massage guns reviews on Amazon

massage gun pro reviews
massage guns reviews

Following are some of the best affordable Massage guns on Amazon



  • 30 different speed settings and six massage heads
  • Battery life of five hours on a single charge
  • Weighs less than 2.2 pounds

We understand that you might be hesitant to spend upwards of $500 on a wellness trend about which you are unsure. If that is the case, consider this $110 substitute. It performs the same function as a more expensive gun—relieving soreness via deep and efficient muscle massage—but at a fraction of the price. Additionally, it features 30 distinct speeds, a feature that even the most advanced versions commonly lack.



  • Shell with anti-drop properties
  • Three different speeds
  • Convenient transport scenario

The OPOVE M3 Pro is the perfect balance of affordability (it’s just $200) and accuracy (it’s not a Massage gun, but everyone from doctors to treadmill walkers adores it). The four distinct attachment heads are each uniquely built to function in a particular muscle group. The handheld device’s three settings can be used to warm up, relax, or profoundly massage muscles. Additionally, it comes with a compact carrying case, which we appreciate because, let’s face it, we want to take it to the gym with us.




  • Guaranteed for life
  • Brushless motor that runs quietly
  • Five pressure settings and five massage heads

If you’re new to the world of massage explosives, LifePro has you covered. Its “Ready, Set, Pro” quick-start guide and integrated video library will guide you through the process. Using the five interchangeable heads to aid in recovery, loosen tight muscles, and release knots will become second nature in no time. The round tool helps alleviate post-workout soreness, while the spinal head helps open up tight back tissues. The bullet-shaped heads are ideal for releasing knots, while the flat tool simulates a no-nonsense deep-tissue massage.

  • MassageGun Pro

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best massage guns reviews

buy massage gun


Benefits of Massage guns

Following are some of the most common Massage gun benefits;


  1. Muscle relaxation as a result of the strong vibration
  2. Improved sleep can be a consequence of increased relaxation.
  3. When the region is complete, it receives increased blood flow, which helps in muscle recovery.
  4. Can increase flexibility while the muscles are occupied
  5. Interferes with the pain receptors in the brain.
  6. Increased muscle strength is possible.



Are Massage guns worth it?

Yes, Massage guns are worth it and most of them are affordable with lots of advantages. As with conventional massage, the gun works by cleansing extracellular fluids, and blood flows out of muscle tissue and into the circulatory system. It may aid in the relaxation of tense muscles, the breakdown of scar tissue and adhesions, and the reduction of muscle soreness and stress.

Massage gun Techniques (How to use it for recovery)

The Massage gun helps remove lactic acid from muscles that have become fatigued during exercise, making it suitable for post-workout rehabilitation. This is also the aim of other therapies such as massage or foam rolling.

Massage guns can also be a viable option for hypersensitive to deep tissue massages, as the system may achieve a similar effect without the deep pressure that may be unpleasant or painful for certain people.

And, although the Massage gun is not cheap (models start at $249), it can save you money if used instead of (or in addition to) daily massage therapy sessions, which usually cost $100 or more per session.


So how and when do you use a Massage gun to aid in workout recovery?

When it comes to healing, this is best to use it immediately after and regularly. We suggest using it for a minimum of two minutes on the muscles you anticipate being sore. After that, you will spot treat other muscles for 30 seconds to one minute.

To treat a muscle, a Massage gun recommends moving the device slowly over sore muscles (or muscles you suspect will be sore later) for up to two minutes on each area.

Massage gun vs Foam roller


Is it better to use a foam roller or a massage gun?

There is no clear-cut winner. However, if you’re unsure whether to use a foam roller or a massage gun, your budget is the first thing to remember. “The foam roller is a cheaper alternative. A good foam roller will cost you between $10 and $20, while a massage gun will usually cost you closer to $250.

(However, there has been a recent surge in the availability of more affordable massage guns.)

Foam rollers and Massage guns are excellent tools, they are just one piece of the puzzle.

Rolling or massage-gunning alone will not significantly increase post-workout recovery time or mobility, but when paired with the right movement, adequate sleep, and good nutrition, they just could.

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